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Hints and tips...

As we expect participants from all over the world who will probably be in Salvador, Bahia and Brazil for their first time, we include some important hints and tips regarding security and safety for a better joyful stay in our city.


Useful hints and tips...

Emergency Call Centre telephone numbers

About security and safety... Information provided by the Department of Public Safety.
• Avoid public isolated sites
• When seeing any potentially suspicious individuals go to the nearest open shop, bar, restaurant or office and ask for help;
• Beware of pickpockets;
• Do not carry large sums of money or other valuables on you;
• Try to pay your bills by cheque or credit card in order to avoid having to carry large amounts of money;
• Avoid wearing jewellery and watches;
• Do not speak to strangers (thieves normally approach people to ask for information) .

Bahia Military Police 190
Fire Department 193
Military Police Fire Department 118
Civil Police 197
SAMU – Medical emergency ambulance 192
Civil Defense 199
Traffic emergency and accidents (71) 3172-8601
Disk Labour and Delivery Hospital 0800-714-0000
Tourist Protection Police Department (DELTUR) (71) 3116-6817

... on the Taxi Be aware that Salvador taxi drivers think they are competing for spots on a Formula 1 racing team. They will certainly get you where you want to and quicker than the bus! However, be prepared to haggle with taxi drivers who refuse to use the meter although they are required to. Taximeters always tell you exactly how much you need to pay in local currency (Real - R$).

... on the bus On the bus it is worth knowing that there is there tradition in Bahia  that seated passengers offer to hold bags for passengers who are standing. Thus, do not be scared if someone gestures toward your bag and offers to put it on her/his lap.

Currency exchange Neither banks nor street dealers (so-called doleiros) offer favourable exchange rates. One normally gets the best currency exchange rates by withdrawing money at ATM cashpoints. ATM machines are conveniently located in areas frequented by visitors from which international transactions may be easily handled. All major credit cards and bank debit cards (such as Maestro) are accepted.

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July 20-22, 2011 - Salvador (Bahia), Brazil